Weight Loss in a Week


It doesn’t matter what your body type or your height is; anybody can lose weight in a week. It is all about sustaining the balance and that’s it. This article presents you some “weight loss in a week” tips and get slimmer to desired size.

It is possible to shed all the extra amount of calories by performing just right kind of workouts. Moreover, acquiring good dietary habits also proves helpful to have weight management as per your pre-determined time set by you. Losing excess weight in a week is one such thing which is possible by applying the wise combination of a diet plan along with regular exercising.

On usual scale, a person is required to shed around 3500 calories in one week’s duration. By shedding almost one pound of weight in every week, a person can shed approximately four pounds of weight in a month. However, it is essential to apply various useful measures in a correct manner so that the desired weight loss becomes attainable.

Effective Tips to Lose Weight in a Week


  • The first and the foremost thing that you can adopt with respect to effective loss of weight in one week’s time is by taking control of your dietary habits. This is absolutely essential because whatever enters your system gets directly converted into energy. If this does not occur properly then it leads to the conversion of fats which get accumulated into various body parts and cause various illnesses. Therefore, it is advised to have balanced and required measures of foods on a daily basis.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of your day that provides us with the energy to carry out our daily tasks. Never skip breakfast. Just replace heavy food items with lighter ones. Opt for corn flakes instead of sandwiches.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush away all the unnecessary elements from the body system. This way, a person gets rid of the toxic elements which proves helpful in the process of digestion and in turn to shed the excess weight.
  • Inculcate good habits such as: avoid too much consumption of soda, too much consumption of sweets and deep fried foods on a daily basis. Instead, it is advised to have a healthy intake of freshly grown vegetables and fruits. You can switch to lime water.
  • Try to put a control on too much junk food, as a cheese burger or pizza with meat or extra toppings can affect your overall weight management. Avoid foods like burgers and you will surely lose your weight quickly. Similarly, eating foods like: red meat, milk and other milk based food stuffs should not be done in excess. Stay away from ice-creams and other delicious desserts if you want to lose weight in a week.
  • Regular exercising for 30-35 minutes in a correct manner does prove helpful to have desired weight loss wherein you can give emphasis on your target areas so that easy and effective weight reduction becomes easily attainable. Combine two or three exercises. Aerobics is a better option to lose weight quickly. Dancing, Swimming, Cycling or hiking can help you drop those extra pounds and achieve rapid weight loss. Cardiovascular exercises can be tried as a good option to lose weight, while pilates can help to have a lean look. That’s why you should check out military diet reviews.
  • Practice good habits such as make use of stairs instead of an elevator or a bicycle instead of using a bike to go to a nearby shop.
  • Caffeine dehydrates the body and loss of water adds to your weight. Avoid intake of tea, coffee or alcohol which contains high level of caffeine.
  • Crash diet results in loss of energy and leads to extreme weakness which may result in anemia and other complications. Avoid crash diet and eat properly.
  • Calorie shifting diet plans are drawn individually based on their body mass index. Hence, there is a modified menu for people to lose all the fats without compromising on quality of food and health.
  • The calorie shifting diet involves the consumption of four meals a day and this should neither go up or down. Follow this personalised meal plan and you are ready to see your new figure in a week.
  • Losing excess water weight is another essential thing. By this, it means that drinking excess amount of water leads to an increase in body weight. By keeping the actual water intake up to 8 glass a day, a person can easily manage to maintain total intake of water. At the same time, can avoid the chances of weight gain because of excessive water drinking.

The above given tips prove extremely useful when applied regularly to shed all the extra flab. Moreover, the tips also prove helpful to attain peace of mind and a renewed self-confidence which in turn proves helpful to increase work productivity.

Implementing these techniques in your daily routine, you will be able to lose your weight to large extent in a week.

Some of the Changes You can Follow Easily are Given Below

  • Just wake up early in the morning this in itself plays a vital role in your plan for weight loss in a week. Get good sleep of eight hours but try to get up one hour earlier than when you get up daily. Eight hours of sleep in itself a good exercise as you burn many calories when you sleep. You will also get more time to do your daily activities and follow your plan to the core.
  • Brisk walk or the reverse walk which is a trend now helps you in burning more calories. This should be done for at least thirty minutes early in the morning after you wake up.
  • Have breakfast everyday as this is the most important meal of the day. Do not skip it no matter what the excuse is.
  • Consume green tea more often and try to avoid tea or coffee
  • Cut down fats and carbohydrates from your diet. Prepare a week’s chart which will include fresh fruits and green vegetables on one day, baked fish and grilled chicken on the other; you can alternate the menu if you wish to, that is have fresh fruits and grilled chicken or baked fish or just have fresh fruits on one day, green vegetables on the other and so on.
  • Include soups and salads in your diet or you can have only them for dinner

If you follow these simple ideas with complete dedication you can surely lose at least five pounds in 7 days. You just have to be patient, focused and flexible to make this happen.

Reminders to Lose Weight in a Week

  1. Increase the liquid intake. Go for healthy drinks and plenty of fresh water and avoid the aerated drinks.
  2. Walk short distances and make exercising your daily activity. Take stairs instead of elevators whenever possible.
  3. Go for weight loss diet and add fiber rich food in your daily diet.
  4. Replace normal sugar with sugar-free products.